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They say the best time for self-reflection is when you’re with your best friend, doing your favorite things. Max Caulfield would disagree. And so would all the others.

(Rating: M - Genre: Humour, Drama, Romance - Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Sexual Content)

Words: 9,757 - Published: December 24, 2017

An argument that I stumbled into, that transpired over a couple of months through reviews and Private Messages over He says that Ron is the better half of Ron/Hermoine, who he believes is the superior pairing. There are so many things wrong with that statement. And we're just getting started.

(Rating: M - Humour, Status: COMPLETE)

Words: 13,715 - Published: April 7, 2012 - Updated: April 13, 2013

During Voldemort’s resurrection in the Goblet of Fire, Harry realizes that his end is near...until a startling realization opens his eyes to a possibility that he had never seen before. Then something strange happens. Second Chapter Now Posted.

(Rating: T - Harry/Hermione)

Words: 6,295 - Published: July 21, 2008 - Updated: October 1, 2012 (Edited April 12, 2013)

After Ron's second and final betrayal, Harry looks at Hermione and sees her in a whole new light. He reacts in a way neither of them expected him to.  Light and/or Dark!Super!Harmony. Rated for sexual situations and non-graphic violence.

(Rating: M - Harry/Hermione)

Words: 7,290 - Published: May 17, 2011 (Edited with Epilogue July 18, 2012)

Luna, in a fit of inspiration, decides to help out a friend at his most vulnerable, but definitely not in a way that you would expect. Because she's Luna. And he's awkward. It's for the best. Trust me.

(Rating: M - Harry/Multi, Neville/Multi)

Words: 1,778 - Published: April 23, 2012

Severus Snape is a bad teacher. McGonagall takes notice. Severus needs to be punish- okay, wait, that sounds WAY too dirty! I'll give you a summary - Snape has horrible teaching methods, and McGonagall embarrasses him verbally. There were no paddles, no pale butts, no aging hands in motion. Just talking. Damn. Now the whole story sounds boring. Ugh, just read please.

(Rating: K+)

Words: 3,558 - Published: January 8, 2012

It was obvious, really. She would eventually end up with one of the two. Who was it going to be? She wanted to know before her feelings got the better of her. So she took the direct approach.

(Rating: K)

Words: 1,997 - Published: May 17, 2011

Bella's OC boyfriend and her best friends give her a birthday she'll never forget. In a good or bad way, she's not sure.

Words:  3,075 - Published: February 6, 2010

(Rating: MA, Bella/Male OC, Bella/Angela, Bella/Jessica)

WWE on Privet Drive: Harry is tired of Dudley and his gang. They are always beating people up, not caring what they do, terrorizing the entire neighborhood. They need to pick on someone their own size...or better yet, someone that can defend themselves and strike back.
WWE at Malfoy Manor: Harry, done with the Dursleys, decides to team up with Hermione, get a few more employees, and head over to Draco’s for a little fun/chaos.

(Rating: T, Violence)

Words: 6,934 - Published: September 6, 2008 - Updated: March 6, 2009

In canon, Harry is completely clueless as to why Dumbledore refrains from training him for the inevitable battle between him and Voldemort. In this one-shot, Harry forms is own guess why. While not exactly right, It is much more effective.

(Rating: T, Harry/Hermione)

Words:  1,506 - Published: September 2, 2008