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Name: Fleur’s Thank You
Author: GuardianOfLight
Beta: Oli
Pairing: Harry/Fleur
3 Chapters; 8,432 Words

Rating: MA

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DISCLAIMER: Harry, Fleur and the entire genius of Harry Potter belong to J K Rowling.

FEEDBACK: I am still a relatively new author and I appreciate every review, even if the story is read years after it was written.

Chapter 1 – Fleur’s Thank You

Harry was wondering around Hogwarts for several hours, it was late and he should be in bed.

That really didn’t concern him though, he had his invisibility cloak and that was enough.

He had been trying to fathom why on Earth someone would put his name in the Goblet, there were much easier ways of killing him if that was the intention, he was only 14 after all.

He turned a corner when he collided with something.

Falling to the ground he looked up to see a very startled Fleur Delacour sitting opposite him looking equally stunned, if not more so by the sudden appearance of a pair of boys legs.

Harry took off the cloak.

“Arry! Merlin’z beard, you almozt gave me an hart attack.”

“Sorry,” He replied apologetically, getting up then helping her to her feet, she was several centimetres taller than Harry making her slightly intimidating, especially when you add in her beauty “I wanted to think and fifth years aren’t allowed out this late.”

“I zee.” She nodded, straightening her tight fitting blue uniform. She was wearing the Beauxbatons uniform except without the hat.

“What are you doing out this late?” asked Harry curiously.

“Vell actually,” she began, blushing slightly “I vaz coming to zee you.”

“Me!” he responded surprised.

“Yez, iz there somevhere that ve can go and talk?”

Harry thought for a moment and then led her up several flights of stairs.

Reaching his destination he activated the Room of Requirements, causing Fleur to gasp when the door appeared.

“Vow!” she exclaimed as Harry led her into the room.

It was a perfect replica of the Gryffindor Common Room.

“The room changes to meet your requirements.”

Harry moved towards the fire and sat down at one end of a sofa, while Fleur moved and sat delicately at the other end.

“What did you want to talk about?” he asked slightly nervously, he had never been very good with girls, especially not girls he found attractive and who new how to command respect.

“I vanted to vank you for zaving my zisterz life in the lake.”

Harry blushed

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Yez you did Arry, you zaved her from those orrible Merpeople.”

“They weren’t going to hurt her or any of the hostages.”

“Yez they vere Arry,” she said shifting forward slightly “Veela and the Merpeople ave been at odds vith each other for zenturiez, they deliberately got those orrible grindylows to attack me so vat I could not rezcue her, they vould ave killed her if you ad not rezcued her.”

She was shaking by the time she finished talking, Harry shifted forward and took her shaking hand.

Fleur smiled at him weakly, tears glistening in the corner of her eyes.

“If I ad lost her I….I….”

She started to break down, throwing herself into Harry’s arms, crying into his shoulder.

Harry put his arms around her, comfortingly stroking her hair.

He hoped he was doing the right thing he had never been in this sort of situation before.

“It’s ok, everyone ok.” He whispered into her ear, trying hard to resist the urge to run his fingers through her wonderful hair, it smelt like lavender.

After several minutes she pulled back slightly, still leaning over him but with about twenty centimetres between them, her eye level slightly below his.

“I am zorry Arry, I am not normally like thiz,” She said wiping her tears away, before replacing her hands on his chest where they were supporting her “It’s juzt….I came zo cloze to loozing her….I promizde myzelf vhen you came out of the lake that if vere vas any vay to repay you I vould do it.”

“You don’t need to do anything.” Harry told her, very aware of just how close they were.

“I vant to Arry,” she told him crawling up his chest to come level with his face “I have been vatching you around the school and I notized that you ave not got any girl friendz other van vat Granger girl.”

She was mere centimetres from his face; he could feel her breath on his neck, her pale blue eyes staring into his, his heart was racing.

“And from ow nervouz you are, I can zee that you ave never been in thiz zort of situation before.”

“Fleur,” he began “I….”

He was cut of as she moved her lips over his kissing him passionately.

At first he froze not really knowing how to respond, but after several seconds he kissed her back, she brought her arms around his neck as he moved his to her back, pulling her closer.

Fleur smiled into the kiss at how easy it had been to convince him, she had not even needed her Veela powers….Not that she needed them anyway.

Fleur opened her mouth to deepen the kiss, sliding her tongue along his lips.

Confused (thanks to never having been in this sort of situation before) Harry opened his mouths to ask what he should do only to have her answer him by sliding her tongue into his mouth.

He quickly followed suit and ran his own tongue over hers, though she remained dominant.

After several minutes she pulled back, Harry moaning in loss as she did so earning a smile from Fleur.

Sitting up she pulled her cloak from around her shoulders. Harry had never seen any reason for the cloak as it only just covered their chests, which as it was an all girl’s school (if you could still call them girls) was perhaps the reason they had them.

After removing her cloak she proceeded to undo her blue dress.

She watched with amusement as Harry’s eyes bulged as she opened her uniform, revealing her pale neck and the upper swell of her breasts.

Harry watched in shock as she stood and pulled her uniform up and over her head, her dazzling silvery-blond hair falling in pieces through her dress, framing her beautiful face and the seductive look upon it.

She was wearing a matching blue set of underwear which Harry wondered briefly if it was also part of the uniform code, he mentally raised his eyebrows at the thought of them doing spot checks.

Her body was perfect she wasn’t a twig like Ginny but she also wasn’t so curvy that her breasts and behind could be used for airbags like Lavender.

“Zee something you like Arry.” She said smiling.

Harry blushed and averted his eyes mentally scolding himself for staring.

He was brought back to the present as she kneeled over him then sat in his lap, before kissing him again.

This time he forcibly kept his arms at his sides until she reached out and attempted to pick one up and found it riveted to the sofa.

“Relax Arry, I do not bite.” She said between kisses.

His arm relaxed allowing her to place one on her back and the other on her hip.

Fully relaxing (or rather relaxing as much as any man can when confronted by a semi-naked very attractive female) Harry pulled her closer to his body and returned the kissing harder.

His hands wandered over her back and sides exploring ever inch of exposed skin, he accidentally brushed the back of her bra and instinctively began to pull back, her arm caught his and guided it back to the catch.

“Go ahead Arry.” She encouraged during a break in the kissing as she began to undo his robes.

Harry by some blind luck managed to undo her bra on his first attempt but left it where it was, still a little timid to do more.

Breaking another kiss she smiled at him again and reached up to slide the bra off her shoulders.

As her breasts were exposed Harry thought he had died and gone to heaven.

He would have been quite content to just look at them for the rest of the evening but apparently Fleur had other ideas, reaching for his hands she guided both to her breasts.

His in experience showed as he just left them where they were, gently cupping the wondrous globes.

Stifling a small laugh at his stunned expression Fleur took a hold of his hands and began guiding them in massaging her breasts.

After several seconds she removed her hands and he continued to massage her.

Harry experimentally pinched one of her nipples, she gasped, realising that she enjoyed it he repeated the movement with both of his hands as she closed her eyes in pleasure.

Seeing how she reacted to his ministrations Harry decided to try something he had read in a magazine that Fred and George had left lying around at The Burrow.

Fleur was in heaven, most boys she head been with had be jumping at her just trying to get her into bed, it was so unusual to actually be with some one that was more than willing but wanting to proceed slowly.

She felt him remove his hand from her left breast and slide it down her side, moaning in loss she was about to open her eyes to see what he was doing when she felt his lips seal themselves over her nipple, causing her to gasp in greater pleasure.

Harry could really get used to this, he was running his tongue over the nipple of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen (and some of them were pretty good) while she sat almost naked on his lap.

Her arms came around his head pulling him closer, the pressure on his head causing his teeth to brush against her nipple.

“S’il-vous plait ne s’arrêtent pas,” she gasped in French, not understanding a word Harry guessed that meant she liked it and did it again this time on purpose.

“Oh Arry.” She exclaimed suddenly drawing in breath as her body went rigid, thinking he had done something wrong Harry began to pull back only to have her arms pull him even closer as he was taking a breath causing first cool air to rush over her nipple then for his lips to clamp over it and suck.

She gasped even louder and bucked slightly before sagging forward on top of him.

He held her there until she sat up panting.

“Arry, vhere did you learn vat?” she gasped out kissing him again.

“That was my first attempt.” He admitted surprised that it had worked so well.

She looked at him in shock.

“Are you saying vat never aving done vat before you managed to get me to orgazum by juzt zucking on my breazts vhere no man ever az?”

“Yes.” He nodded, he didn’t think he had done that well.

“Arry….you are vonderful.”

Catching her breath she pulled him to his feet and walked him over to the bed that the room had just supplied them with.

Harry had to resist the urge to stare at her perfect arse as she led him.

Pushing him onto the bed before climbing on top she continued to undress him while simultaneously raining down kisses on the skin she was exposing.

After removing his shirt, footwear and trousers she moved to pull his boxers down.

As soon as his bulging member was free, Fleur gasped.

“What’s wrong?” he said looking down at her concerned, having never been with a woman before he was not sure if he was ‘man enough’ for one.

Staring at him she replied “Nothing, iz wrong, quite ve reverze.”

Fleur wondered what else this boy had to surprise her with, first he was considerate and cared about her pleasure when he had received significantly less than her up to this point (something she was about to rectify), secondly he could bring her to orgasm just by teasing her breasts and now its revealed that far from being small as he was not yet fully grown he was in fact bigger than most men at a very large 8 inches in length….Fleur was going to enjoy this.

Pulling his last item of clothing completely off of his body she crawled up to his face and began kissing him in earnest.

Fleur was surprised at how good a French kisser he really was, he was better than her….and she was French.

Pulling back gasping for air, her hair falling like a veil around their faces, she leaned forward and licked his ear.

“Do you vant to make love to me Arry?” she asked seductively.

“Yes,” he somehow managed to gasp out, not really needing time to properly think about the answer.

“Do you vant me Arry?” she repeated, suckling on his ear.


She ran her hand her hand over his erection.

“How much do you vant me?” she asked trailing kisses down his throat towards his pulse point.

“I want you more than….more than….” He was at a loss for what to say, he didn’t think there was anything he wanted more than her.

She pulled back and looked him in the eye.

“Vats vhat I vought.” She said smiling.

Shifting so that she was beside him, she began trailing kisses down his chest, giving each of his nipples a lick as she went.

By the time she finally reached the top of his legs, she had turned almost completely around.

She crawled the last few inches to his throbbing member, giving the end a light kiss, earning a moan in response.

Smiling at his reaction she repeated the motion.

“Fleur please.” He begged.

Deciding to give him what he wanted she took the head of his member into her mouth, running her tongue over it.

Harry had to stop himself from bucking into her as the pleasurable feelings cursed through him.

He groaned loudly when she stretched her mouth down his entire length, something Harry thought should have been impossible.

She had done it, she had his whole length inside of her mouth, she ran her tongue over the member and began slowly bobbing her head, his member hitting the back of her throat every time, thank goodness her Veela ancestry gave her better control of her muscles, or in particular her gag reflex, apparently it was an adaptation that developed because of the Veela ability to transform into birds.

Fleur continued her ministrations for several minutes occasionally withdrawing to pay extra attention to the head of his tool before resuming the former activities, Fleur could feel herself growing wet as he moaned and groaned on the bed, showing a remarkable amount of restraint, most boys she had been with would have grabbed her head by now and would be holding her down or would have been pumping themselves into her and apart from the occasional pleasurable buck Harry was doing his best to remain motionless.

After finishing another turn on his head she began to move back down his shaft, only to be surprised by something touching her slit, causing her to moan which sent vibrations straight into Harry, causing him to tense up as his orgasm began.

Fleur kept her mouth on him as his member erupted in her mouth, filling her with the sweet tasting liquid.

She had not expected there to be so much, the boy seemed to have a never ending supply as there seemed to be no sign of the flow stopping.

After about 20 seconds the flow began to subside as Harry slumped to the bed exhausted but very happy.

Fleur pulled her mouth off of him, her jaw was slightly sore after what it had just done, staying where she was she used her little finger to scoop up the tiny bit of semen that had leaked out of her mouth.

She was fortunate he was completely inside her at the time as it meant that most of the liquid passed straight down her throat, if there was one thing she could not stand it was messy sex, which is why she never allowed any of her former partners to bring food into the bedroom.

Laying there for several seconds she was about to turn around when she felt the probing between her legs again.

Any thoughts of movement were instantly gone from her mind as Harry managed to hit her clitoris through her very brief knickers causing her to gasp.

Realising how much she liked it Harry began running a finger up and down the length of her knickers.

Fleur found herself unable to move as Harry’s inexperienced fingers probed the area between her legs, she wrapped her arms around Harry’s legs in pleasure.

Seeing the effect her was having on the French beauty Harry decided to try something that he had heard Seamus boasting about doing with Lavender.

Fleur got a sudden surprise when she felt her hips being lifted up and pivoted around. Before her knees settled back onto the bed, before she had the chance to find out what had just happened she felt Harry’s tongue hit her clit through her underwear, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

In a moment of boldness that was very unlike Harry, he began slipping her remaining article of clothing down her legs before pausing, realising what he was doing.

“May I?” he asks.

Fleur responds by reaching back and moving it off her as rapidly as possible, lifting each of her legs of the bed in turn to completely remove the garment.

As soon as it was removed Harry resumed the licking, paying special attention to a nub he had discovered caused her pleasure, Fleur shudder as his tongue came in contact with her clitoris.

Harry reached up and began running his fingers along her labia earning a low moan from the French beauty, seeing her reaction he repeated the movement while continuing to use his tongue.

Harry continued doing this for several minutes until Fleur began to buck, he moved his arms under and around her legs as to hold her in place, he inadvertently dipped a finger in between her lips causing her to gasp deeply.

Thinking on his feet (so to speak) he plunged two fingers into her wetness.


Fleur began bucking wildly against him crying out a stream of French that Harry did not understand.

After about a minute she collapsed on top of him breathing heavily while Harry lapped up the sweet tasting liquid that had just been gifted to him.

“Arry….you really are…are vonderful.” She gasped, slowly turning herself around as to lay on top of him “And az much az I loved vat, I vas zupposed to be thanking you.”

“What if I said that I enjoyed it?” He countered licking his lips, become slightly bolder now that he had seen what he could do to her.

“Vell that’s ok then,” she said smiling wildly, before she leaned forwards and placed a passionate kiss on his lips.

Pulling back she looked him straight in the eye.

“Make love to me Arry.” She said almost pleadingly.

Harry looked at her for several seconds, admiring her beautiful face being framed by her long glossy platinum hair, wondering what he had done to please whatever gods wizards believed in for letting this happening, he breathed deeply before nodding his head.


Smiling even wider she began kissing him again, pouring passion into her kisses.

They stayed like that for several minutes, running their hands over each others bodies.

Fleur reached down between them and took a hold of Harry’s erect member and positioned him at her entrance.

They broke the kiss and leaned back to look at each other as Fleur sank slowly onto Harry, closing her eyes in pleasure.

They both groaned as Harry’s member pushed into her tight passage (another advantage of being a Veela), sinking all the way up to the hilt, Fleur sat there for several seconds before opening her eyes and smiling wildly.

She slowly began to move up and down as their hands roamed each others bodies, attempting to create as much pleasure as possible for themselves and their partner.

Fleur alternated her movements switching between sliding up and down and circling her hips.

Harry was in heaven, he was lying on his back, with the most beautiful woman he had ever met, writhing on top of him, pleasuring him in ways he did not think possible.

They stayed that way for several minutes, Harry gasping at the tightness of her passage, Fleur moaning at his girth.

After several minutes she began to buck wildly and her moaning increased.

“Oh Arry,” she gasped “Vous êtes merveilleux, me faites le vôtre, ne vous arrêtez jamais s’il-vous plait.”

She began to spasm, her muscles clamping down on him, sending him hurtling over the edge.

“Oh God!”

They bucked against each other for over a minute Fleur screaming out her pleasure, before they finally slumped against each other, exhausted.

After several minutes Fleur managed to speak.

“Arry….you were vonderful….I never vought I could be zo lucke.”

“Lucky….why?” he gasped in confusion.

“To ave zuch a vonderful boyfriend.” She explained raising her head so that they could look into each others eyes.

“But….I….thought” he stuttered.

“Zo did I before I came to zee you….but then I realised….what kind of man you were.”

He looked at her confused.

“Arry….vill you go out with me….pleaze.”

Looking into her eyes, he saw the truth in them, the honesty, the sincerity; she honestly wanted to be with him.

And what’s more….

He wanted to be with her.


S’il-vous plait ne s’arrêtent pas – Please don’t stop.

S’il-vous plait ne s’arrêtent pas, oh Arry – Please don’t stop, oh Arry.

Mon Dieu – My God.

Oh Arry, vous êtes merveilleux, me faites le vôtre, ne vous arrêtez jamais s’il-vous plait -Oh Arry, you’re wonderful, make me yours, please never stop.

SEQUEL: Gabrielle’s Thank You – no guesses what it will be about, set ten years after this when Gabrielle turns 18 and is able to thank Harry in person.

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Chapter 2 – Gabrielle’s Mistake

In Scotland, deep in the mountains, between a lake and a forest sat Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

It was the summer holidays and the Defence Against The Dark Arts Professor was pacing his room.

He was trying to get his head around what had just happened to him.

Not five minutes ago his wife’s sister had tried to seduce him.

It had come out of know where, one minutes he was sitting quietly in the Staffroom preparing the work for the next term, when she entered.

She was only sixteen but she had been granted permission by the Headmaster to enter the Staffroom during the Summer Holidays as her sister and brother-in-law were both on the Hogwarts staff and of course as a Veela she was a lot more mature than any normal human of that age.

It was several weeks ago that Gabrielle came to them with her decision that she wanted to come to Hogwarts as an exchange student. She had come up with several very convincing arguments ranging from the fact that both of the last two Triwizard Tournaments that had won by Hogwarts; granted the first one was manipulated heavily in his favour but none the less. She also reinforced the argument by reminding everyone that the second Hogwarts champion had been trained by him in the DA. He could still remembered feeling the colour leaving his face when he heard Ginerva Weasley was going to be the champion, but luckily his fears were baseless, thanks to the training and all the battles they had been in during the war she easily defeated the other two champions.

He knew Gabrielle wanted badly to be chosen for the tournament this year and being trained by a winning Triwizard Champion in her mind gave her an advantage, Harry as always never admitted just how good he was.

It had not been hard to persuade the two Headteacher’s that it was a good idea and both had immediately agreed and in less than a week she had been at Hogwarts, that was four weeks ago, she had stayed over the summer as to get used to the castle, as I was very different to the Beauxbatons Palace.

She had been settling in very well and until the incident earlier that day he thought that he would never have to really worry about anything important ever again.

Right now he was trying to figure out how to tell his wife that, although he had resisted, he had felt attracted to the sixteen year old.

“Arry, are you alright?” he heard his beautiful wife call, he had been trying to figure out what to say to her ever since the encounter.

“Arry, what’s wrong?” she said moving in front of him, her eyes full of concern.

“Fleur….something has happened…..”

“What were you thinking!” shouted Fleur “I told you I would be talking to Arry about this tonight, you couldn’t wait another six hours, you know how Arry blames himself for everything, it will be a miracle if I can get him to even sleep in the same bed as me tonight, he will blaming himself for even looking at you.”

Her speech flicking back to French in mid rant, she was too angry to translate.

“I’m sorry!” Gabrielle shouted back at her elder sister “But I couldn’t wait any longer, you got your chance to thank him within days and not only that but you ended up marrying him as well….It’s been eight years since the lake….Eight years!”

“You only had to wait six hours; you just had to wait until I had told him about Veela mating habits.”

“You’ve had eight years, for six of which he has been your husband.”

“I told already that he is far too moral for his own good, if I had suggest that you had sex with him before you were sixteen he wouldn’t even have considered it.”

“But Veela….”

I KNOW….I know Veela age faster, he knows it to. He knows that when he was eighteen he was technically marrying a twenty three year old not a twenty one year old. He knows that you are mentally and eighteen year old not a sixteen year old but he has the strongest and most stubborn, guilt ridden conscious in existence, you know if he could he would even blame himself for grandmothers death, it is irrelevant to him that he never met her, that we had no contact with him before she died or that he didn’t even know any of us existed until after her death, if he tried he would find a way.”

Fleur sighed; she had run out of steam now and was merely speaking quietly.

“Come to our room at five….that will give me a chance to find him and explain the situation properly….what exactly did you do to him anyway?”

Gabrielle blushed

“I went into the staffroom….dropped my robe to the floor….turned my Veela charm up to full….climbed onto him and….”

“And?” Fleur encouraged her.

“And asked if he wanted a lap dance before I fucked him.”

“Gabrielle!” Fleur replied shocked.

“What, from what you’ve told me of your seduction of him, you spent half the evening crying.”

“No I did not.” She said quickly “It was only a few minutes at the most….and that was only because the Second Task was only happened a couple of days before….how did he react?”

“He stared at me in a look halfway between shock and blind terror before bolting out the room.”

“You got that reaction just by dropping your robe and offering to have sex with him, are you sure yo….wait a minute what were you wearing under you robe?”

“Not a lot, just a pair of blue lingerie, a pair of stockings and suspenders.”

“That would explain the look of panic on his face when I got there. I will talk to you later, in the mean time I have to try to talk my husband into a little Ménage à Troi.”

Several hours later Gabrielle, dressed in her Beauxbatons uniform from the previous year (she thought it looked more appealing than this years one, particularly the way that the now tight dress clung to her), knocked gingerly on the door of her sisters room.

“Come in.” Came the reply from her brother in law and hopefully her soon to be lover.

She cautiously walked into the room, not knowing what to expect.

Veela were a very dominant species when it came to sex, they liked to be in control or else competing for it, being only quarter Veela meant that she and her sister were not affect as much by this but now she was most definitely not in control, earlier she was, but not now.

Entering the room she saw her brother in law leaning against the bed, while her sister leaned on his shoulder.

“Fleur has explained to me about Veela mating,” began Harry “She explained how it is perfectly ordinary for a person to have many partners even in marriage, including siblings, she also explained why this subject was never brought up before now, and she was right, I would not have even considered it until you were sixteen.”

Gabrielle bowed her head sadly, had she made a mistake earlier, was Harry going to say no.

“Take of you shoes.” He instructed.

Gabrielle’s eyes flashed with hope. She quickly dropped slipped the offending items off her feet.

“Come here.”

She obeyed quietly, though her Veela instincts were telling her to take control, but she knew that she had to go along with it or he might change his mind.

As she reached him he looked her up and down, probably comparing her to how Fleur had looked when he had first seen her.

He took a step forward and she held her breath, this was it…. he was either going to pounce on her….or throw her out and never talk to her again.

Her prayers were answered when he reached, forward cupped her face and brought it too his own.

She stretched up to meet the kiss, being a few centimetres shorter than he was.

She sighed into his embrace and eagerly returned the kiss, putting the emotions of all those years of pent up frustration into it, finally she could show him how she felt, finally she could say thank you.

He pulled back and looked at her again before waving his hand over the clasp of her robe and letting it fall to the floor, leaving her in her old school uniform.

He moved back towards her, leaning down as though to kiss her again.

She closed her eyes and leaned forward to meet him, only to feel his arms around her waist and knees.

He picked her up and carried her around the side of the bed before carefully placing her down in the centre.

Glancing at her sister, she noticed could see the lust in her eyes, they had not mated together since before she was married and the prospect of doing it again was arousing her.

Her attention was pulled back to Harry as he climbed on top of her pinning her down with his weight before closing in to kiss her again.

She could feel the passion and emotion through the kiss, his desire to be with her.

She closed her eyes and gave into the intensity of his lips.

She sighed as she felt him reaching behind her to reach the zip of her dress.

She wrapped her hands around his neck, allowing her to pull herself up off of the bed so that he could reach easier.

As he pulled the zip down he began to pull it up over her hips before carefully disengaging her arms just long enough to remove the offending article, leaving her in only her blue bra, knickers, stockings and suspenders.

He kissed her again before leaving a trail of kisses around to her ear, she closed her eyes again and sighed into his touch.

“Lay down.”

She instantly complied, removing her hands from his neck and moving to lay them down beside her.

Before her arms hit the bed she felt him grasp them in his arms and bring them up above her head.

She gasped and leaned into him, only to have him pull away.

She opened her eyes questioningly to see him smiling evilly down at her.

She opened her mouth to speak but before the first syllable left her lips he had gotten up and moved to where his wife had been standing.

She moved to sit up, only to find that she couldn’t mover her arms or legs.

“What….what’s going on?”

Fleur matched Harry’s smile before speaking.

“Its a little punishment for your impatience, thanks to you Harry has been on edge all day so I though he deserved some payback.

“What?” she asked again.

Fleur flashed the smile again before withdrawing her wand.

“Do you know the reason I wanted to have a Veela hair in my wand?”

Gabrielle didn’t answer, she was to busy struggling to get up.

“It is because it has some very unusual affects when coming in contact with the female body,” she explained walking around beside her sister “Especially if they have Veela blood in their veins.”

“Let me up.” She ordered, attempting to seem threatening, which wasn’t easy in the presence of the most powerful wizard in the world.

“Not yet sweetie, Arry hasn’t had his fun yet.” She gave another evil grin before waving her wand at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle felt a tingling as her bra and knickers disappeared leaving only the stockings and suspenders in place.

Gabrielle looked back at her sister questioningly, not sure whether to be excited or terrified. Her Veela quarter on the other hand most definitely did not like the situation it was screaming at her to get control but there was nothing she could do, even with a wand she couldn’t stop Harry Potter’s spells.

Fleur moved her wand down to point at Gabrielle’s right breast.


Gabrielle gasped as she felt a tingling in her breast.

“What….what did you do.” She gasped.

“I cast a spell on you dear sister,” replied Fleur “But I get the feeling that you want to know what it does.”

She gasped again.

“But then I get the feeling that you already know.” She smiled.

Gabrielle gasped again as her sister cast the same spell on her other breast.

It was a feeling Gabrielle remembered well, it felt the same feeling that her sisters tongue and lips had created when they had been intimate.

“You’re very sensitive aren’t you Gaby.” smiled Harry.

Gabrielle flinched and gritted her teeth, trying to ignore the pleasure.

“Don’t….call….me….Gaby.” she growled out.

Fleur giggled at her squirming sister.

“She hates being called Gaby.”

“So I noticed.” He replied, moving around next to his wife.

“Time for the last spell I think.” Fleur grinned, handing her wand to Harry.

“No. No more.” gasped out Gabrielle.

Harry gave a short chuckle.

“Veela wands definitely make a difference. If she is this sensitive after your spells, she won’t even survive mine.”

“Perpes Fatigo.” Harry whispered aiming considerably lower than Fleur had.

Gabrielle squeaked as the spell hit. She had never felt anything like this before.

But it got worse, Harry released the wand which moved itself to the Veela’s clitoris.

“You look like you are having fun sister, that last spell was invented by Harry, he had endless fun teasing me with it.”

“It is amazing how the dominant attitude of a Veela can be humbled by a bit of teasing.” Added Harry.

“No, no no no no, please no….I won’t last I….” Gabrielle was cut of by the wand vibrating against her nub before stroking down her lips then into her vagina.

“Enjoy that did you Gaby.” smiled Fleur as she watched her sister squirm and writhe on the bed “I certainly hope so because we will be gone for a while.”

Gabrielle tried to shout out ‘What’ but the wand sliding back up to her sensitive nub prevented her vocalising her complaint.

“Don’t worry Gaby,” smiled Harry, as they walked towards the door “We are only going for dinner, we shouldn’t be more than half an hour.”

Gabrielle again tried to scream at them but her climax was building.

“Weren’t we going to go and see Hagrid today Arry, he wanted you to have a look at the Lethifold he caught.” she added as they headed out the door.

“Oh yes and then there was seeing Minerva about next years exam dates….”

There voices faded away down the corridor as Gabrielle continued to writhe on the bed, she was so close now, so very very, VERY….

Gabrielle felt like the ladder had been kicked out from under her as all the spells stopped, the wand drew back and her nipples stopped being massaged.

She gasped in loss and tugged anew against her invisible bonds.

She started whimpering in frustration only to have the teasing start up again.

Her eyes widened as she realised what the last spell did….it stopped her from coming.

She couldn’t orgasm.

That’s what Fleur had meant by endless fun, it wouldn’t stop and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Chapter 3: Gabrielle Finally Gets To Say Thank You

In Scotland, deep in the mountains, between a lake and a forest sat Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

Down one of the corridors walked the DADA Professor and his wife.

They were heading back to their rooms to see how thir guest was coping.

“Do you think we left her too long Fleur, except for the encounters you had with her this is really her first sexual experience and leaving her alone in out room to be teased for two hours….”

“Don’t worry Arry, she’s a Delacour, she can handle it, it just means she will be all the more fun to play with now.”

“She will be hardly able to move after this long.” He added as they reached their door.

Fleur chuckled before turning to her husband.

“Don’t underestimate her Arry, she’s Veela….shall we.”

“After you.” He said open the door for her.

As they entered the room, they could hear the low vibrations of Fleur’s wand.

Walking over to the bed, they saw Gabrielle lying still, breathing heavily and looking, for lack of a better word, wild.

The two hours alone had made her perfectly smooth hair go fuzzy, with all the thrashing around she had done her cool, calm exterior had completely vanished until she was just a quivering mass, too exhausted to struggle.

“Hey sister, how have you been?”

Gabrielle’s head slowly turned to look at her smiling sister; her face strained trying to suppress the feeling originating from her centre while trying to look composed.

“Let….me….out of….these things.”

Fleur walked around to the side off her.

“What will you do if I let you up?” she asked sweetly.

Gabrielle turned towards her sister, her eyes glaring daggers.

“I will fuck you, then kill you.” she growled.

Harry chuckled.

“You were right; I thought she would be begging to be let off.”

“Told you, she’s a Delacour.”

Harry grinned evilly.

“As she is still doing ok, shall we leave her there for a bit?”

“NO.” growled Gabrielle, though more strained before, probably approaching yet another orgasm that would not come.

“Good idea Arry,” Fleur smiled walked around to the end of the bed and sliding into her husband’s arms “After all, I haven’t been satisfied today.”

“FLEUR!” growled Gabrielle again, the slightest of feathers appearing on her skin.

“You are right my dear, how negligent of me.” smiled Harry, turning Fleur around so that her back was to his chest.

“FLEUR!” cried Gabrielle again as Harry began to slide his hand up his wife’s sides earning a moan as he passed the side of her breast.

The pair were no longer listening, seeing Gabrielle squirm was turning them on and now they wanted release.

Fleur pressed back into Harry causing him to moan while he moved his lips to his wife’s neck, his hands trailed slowly over her breasts before moving further south.

Any further complaints that Gabrielle had were drowned out as she again was aroused by the various spells on her, leaving her squirming and straining on the bed.

Harry ran his fingers across the material that resided between Fleur’s legs, concealing her most precious area.

She moaned deeply and leaned back further meeting his lips in a kiss while moving with him, attempting to increase the pressure against her concealed centre.

Gabrielle continued to writhe on the bed, the sound and sight of the pair turning her on more and more by the second.

Harry moved his hands to the hem of Fleur dress and slid his hands underneath, only for them to return sliding some silver lingerie down her legs.

Fleur moaned in loss as her husbands hands left her, but knowing where their actions were taking them she put up with it, leaving one of her hands to pressure her nub attempting to relief some of her built up tension, while the other moved behind her to the zip of Harry’s trousers.

Harry groaned as he felt Fleur’s hands move over him, he dropped her lingerie down her legs and moved his hands around to tease her breast and clit.

Fleur managed to open his zipper and reached inside, trying her hardest to concentrate through the pleasure she was receiving and the sight or her sister writhing on the bed.

Harry groaned and pushed Fleur so that she was leaning over the end of the bed.

Fleur grinned, she new what was coming as Harry hiked her dress up just enough so that it still coved most of her bottom.

Moving up behind her she felt him push into her entrance, the angle of entry causing different pleasures to those of normal sex.

She moaned deeply as he entered her fully, before agonizingly slowly pulling out and slowly repeating the motion.

She gripped the end of the bed hard as he pleasured her from behind, his large member hitting all the right spots inside of her.

He increased his pace, grabbing her hips so as to pull her back to meet his thrusts.

The rocked against each other, moaning, groaning and panting, all the while Gabrielle was still writhing on the bed, the wand had pulled out of her again just that second to soon.

She nearly screamed in frustration and contented herself with yelling at her sister in French, though she was completely unaware of what she was saying to her, too lost in the pleasure.

Fleur was in heaven, she always loved this position, it wasn’t her favourite, but at the moment it was the best to tease Gabrielle with.

Fleur felt Harry slow, he was trying to force back his own release until she was ready, he always did this, never letting himself come until she was ready, but she was too worked up to slow down now and forced back harder.

“Arry, s’il-vous plait ne s’arrêtent pas.” she exclaimed, luckily Harry’s French had improved, so he understood, it was a phrase he had heard many times before.

He increased his pace and moved his hands from her hips around to her clit, stroking the sensitive nub, willing her body to catch up with his own.

Fleur almost screamed when he touched her nub, she bucked wildly against Harry as her body was driven into orgasm, barely managing to hang onto the bed to keep herself upright, she felt Harry force against her hard, her own orgasm forcing his body to react the same way.

They writhed against each other for several minutes until they slumped forward over the end of the bed.

Silence filled the room as the only remaining sound was the slow hum of Fleur’s wand and the whimpering and moaning originating from Gabrielle’s mouth, she was no longer able to scream at them as yet again she began the climb towards another orgasm that she wouldn’t have.

After couple of minutes Fleur and Harry started to recover and slowly stood.

After a couple of quick kisses their attention returned to the writhing teen on the bed.

“Shall we put her out of her misery?” asked Harry.

“I think she has earned her release.” smiled Fleur, pulling her dress up and over her head, leaving her naked except for her shoes which dropped to the floor as she climbed onto the end of the bed.

She crawled and over her bound sister until she was positioned directly above her, Gabrielle’s pretty face mere centimetres away.

“Would Gabrielle like to orgasm?” she smiled sweetly.

Gabrielle was panting so heavily now that she couldn’t speak and just nodded as hard as she could.

Fleur giggled before running her hand down the length of her sister’s nude body, lightly brushing over the nipples before continuing southwards.

Fleur ran her hand through the silvery/blond hairs between her sister’s legs, though Gabrielle’s reaction was barely noticeable among all the other gasps and moans emanating from her small mouth.

Fleur moved her hands lower, dividing her fingers so that two moved on either side of her wand which was still pumping in and out of her sister.

She ran her fingers up her labia lips making Gabrielle shudder.

Fleur smiled at her sister before moving her hand around to circle her wand.

She pulled it out of her sister’s entrance causing her to moan at the loss of the feeling.

“No.” she whimpered only to gasp a second later as her sister’s lips descended upon her clitoris.

She shrieked when her sister’s tongue flicked across her nub.

“Did my little sister like that?” Fleur teased before resuming her position.

Not to be outdone, the now naked Harry moved around beside Gabrielle and began to tease her nipples with his fingers, cancelling out the spell that was upon them.

Gabrielle gasped again; pushing her chest forward so as to get more contact with Harry’s teasing fingers.

Harry chuckled at her reaction before leaning down to kiss her on the lips.

Gabrielle immediately opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into his, trying to deepen the kiss as much as possible.

The pair continued to stimulate the bound girl, getting her more and more excited as her next climate approached.

She moan and gasped into Harry mouth as her body tensed and her orgasm rocketed through her.

She quaked and bucked as hours of tension, of torture and teasing flooded from her, hitting her like a wave as her precious juices flooded straight into her sisters waiting mouth.

She had never felt an orgasm so intense, so prolonged, so brilliant.

It took minutes for her to stop shaking and by that time she was completely drained of energy, just lying limp on the bed.

Harry smiled; climbing onto the bed he kissed Fleur passionately, tasting Gabrielle’s juices on her lips.

As they pulled apart they smiled at each other before Harry waved his hands at the Gabrielle, releasing her bonds.

Whether Harry knew what would happen next Fleur never found out, for as soon as the bindings were released, Gabrielle’s Veela instincts took over.

Bypassing the exhaustion she was feeling her powers forced her to act. In one movement she launched herself at Harry, tackling him so hard that if she had tried any harder she would probably have broken his neck on the end of the bed.

Fleur literally had to jump back to avoid being sent flying as her blond bullet of a sister threw all her remaining energy into her motions.

Her lips were on his in a second, forcing them open, plunging deep.

She wasted no time in straddling his hips and plunging down onto him, her cherry being burst in the rapid movement, her Veela genes allowing her not to feel pain as she was penetrated for the first time.

Harry held onto her hips as she began to bounce upon his shaft. Earning moan after moan from his lips as she rode him for all she was worth.

Her orgasm took less than a minute to build, her already aroused state, moving the love making process along at an incredible pace.

She was so close, mere seconds away, as she thrust herself down onto him one last time, sending herself tumbling over the edge, in her last second of conscious thought she clamped her lips around Harry’s as her contracting muscles sent his seed shooting deep into her.

There bodies convulsed with pleasure as they both yelled there climaxes into each others mouths.

After the last wave had died Gabrielle collapsed onto Harry, unable to even move. She felt his strong arms come around her, holding her tight.

She saw blond hair get nearer and felt her sisters lips kiss her on the back of the head before laying down beside them.

“I told you it would be worth the wait.”

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